Satya Pal Narang, a young entrepreneur with a background in coal mining, set up a modern bright bar drawing plant in 1971. The Schumag combined drawing and straightening machine he installed was the first one in North India. Satya Pal Narang was a visionary who saw the need for high quality bright bars with good surface finish and close tolerances. This intermediate industry caters to the thriving demand for bright bars in ancillary units of automobile, tractor, cycle, lock, consumer appliance, fastener and hand-tool industries.

Omega concentrated on quality, efficiency of delivery and ready stock for their very diverse clients. Hundreds of small- and medium-scale North Indian ancillaries radically reduce material wastage and machining costs while increasing productivity and profits. When India was importing special alloy steels, we were one of the largest importers of special alloy steels from Germany and Japan. Omega has always believed in customised service while maintaining quality. We have comprehensive testing facilities, and upgradation of quality is a continuous process at Omega.

Omega has been a catalyst in indigenising production of many automobile parts by installing various heat treatment facilities. We provide tempering, normalising, annealing, water- and oil-quenching facilities with a wide experience of producing material for the best vendors in the automobile industry. We supply to nearly 700 ancillary units ranging from 60 metric tons to 2000 metric tons a year. Our idea is to build long-term partnerships with small suppliers, OEMs and replacement spare part ancillaries, and to grow with them. We also work with the biggest OEM suppliers and foreign collaborations, benchmarking our processes with the best. We have received the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Our present capacity is 60,000 metric tons of bright bars and wires, with a daily double shift capacity of 300 metric tons.

The group went into expansion mode withthe setting up of an ultra-modern bright bar plant in Chakan Industrial Area, Pune, Maharashtra in early 2011 with the capacity of 12,000 metric tons. A new plant is also coming up in Chennai to provide to the growing needs of the automobile industry in South India.

We at Omega believe that the bright bar industry is poised for fast growth with the increase in demand for consumer appliances and automobiles in the Indian market. India is also the emerging centre for global production of the small car. We are in the process of installing the latest shot-blasting machinery to our cold drawing lines, to begin the shift from classic pickling to a much more environmentally conscious process.

The demand for bright steel bars, mainly used by auto component manufacturers, is rapidly growing at 20% per annum and is expected to grow further due to the presence of nine top global automobile manufacturers in India: Daimler, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Renault and Nissan.

According to the automotive mission plan 2006-2016 document, the country is set to emerge as the destination for design and manufacture of automobiles and auto components, with output reaching a level of $145 billion by year 2016.

The total size of the bright bar market in India is estimated to be 600,000 metric tons per annum with North and West India sharing 1,80,000 metric tons per annum each, and with South India’s share being 2,40,000 metric tons per annum. With our expansion, we are set to emerge as the one of the foremost bright bar companies in India.